Heath Care

Mass Health

Massachusetts’ Medicaid program that helps cover health costs for people with disabilities.

Applying for Mass Health

Provider Directory

Department of Mental Health Adult Services

Information about services supporting community integration and providing emergency respite. Eligibility criteria and application guidance also included. 

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center’s Index Database

A database of health care professionals, dentists, consultants, other service providers searchable by location and type of insurance accepted.

Autism Insurance Resource Center

Provides webinars and fact sheets about autism and insurance coverage. Individual consultations are also available.   

AASPIRE – Autism Health Care Toolkit for Adults

A collection of resources for patients and providers based on research funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health.

US Department of Health & Human Services


Links to information about applying for federal disability benefits.

Programs for People with Disabilities

Links to government websites and  national programs providing information and guidance on healthy living for people with disabilities and their caregivers.

Health Care Providers & Facilities

Links to national databases that  locate and compare providers.

Resources for Caregivers

Links to websites providing information, advice, and emotional support.

Autism Society of America

Health Care Transition Page

Links to the Lurie Center for Autism at Massachusetts General Hospital’s compilation of worksheets, checklists, and online tools from transition projects and programs from across the country.

Mental Health & Well-Being Page

Provides information about autism and mental health with links to articles and national organizations.

Public Policy Page

Information about recent legislative activity and services available through Medicaid.

Autism Speaks

Health & Wellness Page

Links to information, advice, and resources divided into the categories of sleep, fitness, and nutrition.

Autistic Self-Advocacy Network

A suite of resources created to empower self-advocates and their allies by breaking down health care concepts important to people with disabilities.

Institute for Community Inclusion, University of Massachusetts Boston

Inclusive Health Care

A 30-minute online training course for health care professionals treating patients with disabilities. Also includes quizzes and supplementary material.

Publications Related to Health Care

Links to articles, books, and manuals on such topics as medical insurance, health care provider training, best practices, end-of-life issues, and assistive technology


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